June 18, 2009


I am Bo.
Syaza called me Bo yesterday after I told her that I got that name from a quiz on Facebook. And Bo means precious. "Hi! I'm Bo, precious" so not me I tell you. But I like it. Bo Bo Bo Bo. I am Syaza's Bo Bo. Haha.

Okay, the only reason I'm posting this at 2 in the morning is because I've just finished the Star magazine thing and also my opposition speech for the second round. I couldn't come round to finishing the government speech though because I didn't really find that much of elaborations on my point and I got stuck trying to elaborate my stand. Oh well, my brain juice is running dry and my bedtime has been irregular this week. I sleep at 2am at the very least and wake up at 6am sharp everyday. I yawn and rub my eyes in class. Hmmm.

I'm sleepy inside but I don't think I'll land onto my pillows just yet.

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