June 23, 2009

i am satisfied

If you haven't heard, we lost to the pineapples. But, like Ju Yi said, we lost a fair fight and I'm pretty darn satisfied because of that. Honestly, I thought it was one heck of a heated debate. The CBNs were really good speakers but honestly speaking, I didn't really catch their points. They were talking about the evolution of language? Erk. Haha. Sorry CBNs but either way, I salute you. They were eloquent man which scared me, but yeah, I don't think I showed it to them.

And I think we really did the best today. Ju Yi's reply speech was awesome, Lim's rebuttal was good but he didn't manage to finish it and our POIs, they couldn't answer okay! That was good man, super good. (Sorry) but I actually enjoyed looking at their faces when I laid down the stand for the government panel. The look on their faces, honestly, a sight to behold. But even the first speaker of CBN told me that when we talked about active linguistic features, they totally didn't know what to say. Oh well, Mr Cher is awesome for making us do all this even at the 11th hour. Props to Mr Cher maynnn.

Oh, and the first speaker gave me this POI which goes something like this : How can you talk about ambiguity when LOL is being standardized as "laugh out loud"? I was like, honestly, I got pissed and I think I sort of shouted at her : How can you say that LOL only means "laugh out loud"? Do you know that LOL can also mean "lots of love"? Mr Cher was already yes-ing and I think I saw Rachel, Pavitra and Edna were smiling.

Later on, we treated Mr Cher at Old Town White Coffee and we all had fun. Mr Cher transformed from the "aku cikgu disiplin, kau mati" into the "I'm funny and nice like an ordinary person" which was awesome. Talked and discussed over coffee and toast. Had a great laugh with Pavitra. I think we're satu kepala. We can speak in Science speak, we laugh like maniacs and we played with the sugar container on the table and ended up laughing like crazy. Lim then had a debate with Pavitra about the Bermuda Triangle and Ju Yi was saying "Aiya, and I'm here in the middle". Oh well, svians, what else do you expect from us? We ain't stereotypical, I can tell you that.

All I can say right now is that I'm satisfied that we went down with pride and now I can finally get a good night's sleep :D

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