June 10, 2009


If you've been reading my Twitter updates up there, you'll find that I'm currently at my dad's office "happily" finishing my History folio. Am only doing the penghargaan and hasil kajian first though because the rest is quite easy. But the hasil kajian, oh good God, its making me dizzy. I'm getting myself confused with the Resident Station and also the current Railway Station. Lucky I found this website with a short history of the Railway Station and it says that the Railway Station was built to replace the Resident Station so....I think, I'm okay. For now anyway. I still have to write about the architecture of the building and also what big event happened at the Railway Station.

Moving on. School starts in less than 4 days! YIPPEEEEEEEEE! Can't wait to see Syaza and dish out the latest news and also, Aisyah's coming back! Missed her a lot over the holidays. And, well, debate is getting nearer and we haven't practiced. Ha, Mr Cher's premonition of us leaving things to the last minute have come true. Oh well, can't blame any of us. We've been too busy.

Alright. Off to the pantry to get Maggi and then to dad's room to get the USB cable.

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