June 11, 2009


Um. Haha. My results are...unlike me. Sort of. I mean, hello, I'm not music smart. Who on earth gave them that idea. Oh well. Multiple intelligences, our top secret artillery for debate. Fine, its not top secret. I hope no other schools go Googling this. If they do..*gasps*....we're dead. And, I think I'll do my opposition speech over the weekend. Right now I want to finish my three folios.

And dad is wierd today.

D : *comes out of room* Khadijah, dah solat belum?
K : Uhhhh, no? Why?
D : Go solat and then we're going out to KLCC.
K : *grins* Pour quelle raison?
D : Just hurry up *goes back into room*

Ha, yeay? Haha. Might drag him to Arzu later. I want to get new shawls! And maybe, to Zara too.


kamal said...

mcm mane jaja buat kamal nk buat test tu gak bak url

Khadijah said...

here dudeeee