January 24, 2009

run away with me

and lets go get ang pao together-gether! Haha.

Happy Chinese New Year fellas!

As usual, I shall be away in Muar until this Tuesday so don't expect any updates for me eventhough mum's bringing her laptop along to finish some of her work and dad has the broadband connection via his phone. Ho ho. Right....what else. Oh well. I actually have nothing else to say but I just had to post something :D

Oh yeah. A picture of Hajar which I recently took, like about an hour ago. Haha. But yeah, I don't like the DoF. Its NO GOOD AT ALL. I miss Minolta ;(

Okay, bye bye readers. I'll see you in about three days time.


Hariry Ariffin said...

cool pic!

Anonymous said...

Hajar <3

Khadijah said...


Thanks :D

Ultimate Machine,

Ho ho ho :D