January 23, 2009

evidently, the world turned upisde down


  1. I can only take off from my left side during high jump unlike previous years where I take off from my right instead. I also got off on the wrong foot during the 110m jump. HOW FRUSTRATING!
  2. I've been chosen alongside Hazirah and Aisyah for high jump by Azfar. God-knows how that happened, but I'm a sore sucker. Seriously.
  3. There might not be anyone who's going for French class tomorrow. RIEN. Mon dieu. I don't want to go.
  4. Le Minolta CAN'T BE FIXED because they don't have any spare parts for it. BOO. And here I am taking pictures with theCanon and not really liking the perfection it creates. Sigh ;(
  5. I haven't drawn for nearly five days. Geez.

So, yeah. Thats basically it. Number 4 is the saddest news of all, adding up to one or two more sad news which I have kept to myself for the past three days. It amazes me how anyone can tell another person anything at all. Ha, I guess its because I know I can never actually do that. But well, I remember Mei telling me to just start by saying "I feel.....". Well, haha. I can never succeed in telling anybody how I feel.

Oh well, on top of everything, I'm aiming to get at least 80 for all the subjects in the next test. I know, not that much of an aim but most of my marks are around that region, excluding History of course. Haha. But now our teacher, Cikgu Ramlee, can make me understand. Ho, I love the way he explains everything. I think I just might get an A for my first test. Wish me luck readers ;D



Hariry Ariffin said...

Try hantar repair dekat Kedai kamera YL dekat pudu plaza, dekat2 dengan times square. Tak pun J-one dekat amcorp mall.


Beli slr second hand :)

M. said...

My supersampler pun ):

Khadijah said...


Oooohhh. Sekarang tengah on repair dekat kedai dekat CM. Tapi...entah ah.

Second hand? Alaaa. Macam tak best. And takde duit. Haha. Tapi tengok lah. Kalau ada duit, nak beli Rofileflex (ke apa tah eja dia) dekat KLCC. I think ada :D


WATAFUUUUKKKKKK?!?! Your Supersampler jugak! OMG. Tak best gila wehhh

Hariry Ariffin said...

oo, you mean Rolleiflex eh? Cool seyh.
One good item.

BTW, dekat YL pudu plaza tu kedai kamera yang dasyat. Haha. Best.

M., Your supersampler still ada warranty tak? Kalau ada, maybe boleh hantar balek austria.

Khadijah said...


Ha, yeahhh. Nampak macam best je kalau tangkap gambar guna tu. Haha.

OOOHHHH. Kewwwwll. Malang sekali, sekarang takde masa langsung nak keluar. Haih.

luvlee87 said...
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M said...

sorry the luvlee87 comment was mine. silap guna my sisters acct.

Hariry: I did have the waranty but the darn shop i sent to repair it took it D:

Anonymous said...

merry luck.

Hariry Ariffin said...

oo. Okay:)

Hariry Ariffin said...

Check this out.


Have a nice day. :D