January 31, 2009


Clarks' Bamboo Palm shoes priced at rm298. Waaaaaaaaaa, I want 'emmmmm.
Mum says they'll look weird on me. Bah. I do not care. I like them and I am pretty darn sure that I'll wear them until they're as tattered as my black Marks & Spencer ballet flats which I've been wearing since 2007 until today.

Yeah. And now my coughing spell has returned due to God-knows how many glasses of iced-lemon tea while sitting under a fan with the rain pouring heavily. Sigh. Now I have to eat that black cough medicine which tastes absolutely disgusting. I also feel like barfing. Ah, I think its the caramel macchiatto. I was also jumping about while drinking it because I saw the Clarks shoes. Teeheee. My bad.

Oh, Mei. I see that you have a keyboard. Miahaha. Let's jam baby :D
And Zara, I didn't buy the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants just now. Booo. Oh! Are you, like, low on credit man? You didn't reply my text just now.

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