January 18, 2009


Its been about three days since my room has been painted and I've sort of rearranged it. Want to see?:

It looks much more roomy if you were to enter it. And yeah, its less messier than before. Ho ho. Oh, and see the mirror by my bed side? I am getting dad to move that out from my room because I really want more space now. And anyway, if I have that mirror, I'll be piling up more stuff there. And about the study table, I just might keep it because I've sorted everyting and its less messier. So, hurrah! Now all next for me is to rearrange my bookshelf and also sort out my clothes. Ho. Might do it next weekend, but who knows?

Okay, what else.....OH! Mum baked more cupcakes today and it looks much better than last week's cupcake and much much more delicious. Dad decorated some of them in flowers and what not while I drew a picture of a dslr, a guy wearing sunnies and I also took some song titles from Mamma Mia! because my dad's friend was around and he was singing the songs from the soundtrack, so I thought of writing the titles. Ho ho. I guess it turned out quite good.

Oh, and I think I want to take art classes. But well, maybe not? Haha. I don't know. My schedule is quite full as it is. Alrighty, I don't think I have much more left to say so I'm off to read W magazine and find a picture to draw.

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