January 10, 2009

est-ce que tu m'accord?

    "Foot ball is an annoying sport". What do you say?
    But all men like football.
    -Now that is a cliché

Well today our class mixed with the upper independent users because their teacher has went back to France (I think). So, lets cut to the chase shall we? Well, we were doing an oral exercise where we were given a sentence and we're supposed to either agree or disagree with it. Something like a debate. So well, Éléonore asked the above question and Tan answered, "Absolutely!" and one of the girls said "But all men like football" and Éléonore smiled and said "Il est un cliché". Damn, I really can't get that convo out of my head. God-knows why.

So, anyway. Earlier today we had the bestari program thing and right after it was finished, I felt as though some bomb landed on my lap. I mean, all the kerja kursus have to be finished by June. How pressuring is that man! And ontop of that, I know dad is secretly hoping for me to sit for DeLF B1 this year. Honestly, I don't think I will. Not with PMR and all the classes and kerja kursus and all. So, yeah. And somehow, my family has high hopes on me getting 8As. Oh shiznits. I feel like I'll cry. Ho ho.

Ah darn. I have a 100 word essay to write on the position of women in Malaysia or whatever country I want. And in French! Damn. I think I'll be doing it at school. And I still haven't found the drawings for Seni. Shiznits. I think I'll do it now.

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