January 24, 2009


Damn, I envy Blanka Vlašić. She's the current world champion and damn I seriously envy the way she takes off. Its as though she's zooming through the air or something. AND, her legs. Grrrr. I bet that if I play basketball on a regular basis and high jump every freaking day, I just might get those legs. Sigh. And her personal best in outdoor high jump is 2.07m. How cool is that! I want to be like her too! Haha :D

Right, what else. HmmmmmmOh! Apparently (according to Aniq), the next camp, Kem Keahlian, is going to be held in two months time. HO HO HO. I am so freaking excited! I can't wait to go to more camps this year and earn even more curriculum marks! Gee, I'm so hyper tonight. God-knows why. Oh, anyway. I want that camper Swiss Army Knife up there. I think that'll make things easier if we go camping out of school y'know. But well, it is expensive so yeah. I don't even have any idea where to get one. Sigh.

Okay, I think I'll go to sleep now. Mhmm.

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