January 14, 2009


I've only just realised that I've been in some sort of a mini hiatus since I started form 3/morning session which is both good, and bad. Good because I can finish my homework on time (which I do so oftenly nowadays) and bad because I miss out on the fun talking on MSN with Zara.

So, right. Whats up with me now? Here's whats up:

  1. Homeworks have been finishing on time lately
  2. I think I've gotten a bit thinner since my diarrhea
  3. I'm no longer in photography club. BOO D:
  4. Might not enter the sidang this year
  5. I starting to like Snow Patrol like shizz
  6. I'm sleepy all the time now
  7. And my room has become some sort-of a mini white room.

Well, its because they did the undercoat for my coloured wall and the rest of my walls are white so I don't think they'll be doing the undercoat for the white walls. My room has also been rearranged by the painters. Must say, it looks much more spacious this way. So I'm thinking of letting dad have my study table and placing the bookshelves outside in the family living area so there'll only be a mirror and my wardrobe in my room. Sounds cool. I'm also thinking of asking dad to bring up Gerard into my room. HAHA. But well, if dad doesn't want to do that, I'm thinking of saving up money and buying myself a keyboard from Yamaha. How bout that aye?

Right, now I'm thinking of what to do next seeing as my homework is all done. Oh wait, no. I still have the French essay to write. Oh good God. I think I'll do it tomorrow and get the facts tonight or something.

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