January 19, 2009

late nights and technical pens

Last night I suddenly had the urge to practise cross-hatching with my technical pens for our Arts class, which is wierd because I've never done anything like that. Yeah, I'm wierd. Haha. And I also listened to Kelly Clarkson's first album while doing it. Ho. Super wierd.

Oh yeah, that's my newly refurbished table up there. It looks less messier because I've piled up most of the books on my table in the bookshelf. But well, after last night, it looks messier than before. Ha, you've never seen me drawing. Usually my stuff will be scattered all over the table and I'll panic a lot if I can't find something eventhough I know its somewhere under the mess.

And who watched AJL last night? I know I did. Haha. I think everybody knew that Meet Uncle Hussain (MUH) was going to win it, especially after Estranged won it last year. Their performance was superb because they added strings on to the song which is why my hair was standing up all the way until the end of their performance. Boohoo. I think they should record that version :D

Right, its 6.27am and I haven't ironed my tudung yet. Oh, another thing. I might not be able to use dad's phone anymore. So yeah dad. GET ME A FRIGGING NEW PHONE! D<


pipaaa said...

ahaha estranged was awesome but rich forget his words! on the second verse. dunno if u notice or noe but i surely noticed coz i like hafal the whole song whatever it is andy the drummer still fuckingly hot --

Shamimi Rosni said...

yea yea. go MUH! Hahaha, ingat faizal tahir menang oh. Dah nk marah en. Nasib meet uncle hussain menang. Teheee :D

Khadijah said...


Haha, really? I didn't watch the full performance, so yeah. Ho ho :D

Shamimi Rosni,

Agak ah. Then MUH menang, so like, okaayyyyyy. But memang dah agak dohhh.