January 17, 2009

only just

I've forgotten how much I loved OneRepublic's Apologize until I thought of searching for the tutorial on You Tube. Haaa, so yeah. One of these days, I'll be trying to play Apologize. I'll let you know how it'll turn out yeah. OH! And David Archuleta did a duet with OneRepublic during one of the episodes of American Idol and I must say I love it. Teeheee. The strings in Apologize are just love! I've always enjoyed songs which combine the piano and strings.

So. Yeah, I had school this morning and it ended around 12.30pm or so which was quite good because our last period was Maths and to be honest, our Maths teacher is a teeny tiny bit boring. What else. French class wasn't that bad. We were talking about the difference of Malaysia's and France's politics. I, of course, didn't participate much because I was coughing my head off and also because I don't really understand politics. Not that I don't want to, but yeah.

Also, one of my bookshelves have been transported outside but my room is still in a mess. Hoyea, it is. God-knows when I'll come round to spring-clean my room. Damn. Also, I'm craving Korg's PA50 keyboard *drool* Can someone get this for me for my fifteen birthday? Haha.

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