January 2, 2009

how exciting!

I have just posted my first post on The Travelling Journal! Yeah, this is the project which Zara and I came up with one late night after an extra dosage of YouTube. Teeheee. Check it out. I'll be posting on Fridays, because I'm the youngest, so yeah. Make sure you read it! We'll be posting random stuff, you know, clippings of our daily lives and random topics and challenges and what not. So, stay tuned! *wink wink* And the family consists of Mei, Esah, Aisyah, Zara et yours truly. I think if you enjoy their blogs, I'm sure you'll enjoy The Travelling Journal as well ;D

Anyway, school kicks off next week and I think I've grown two centimetres tall? Haha, probabbly not. Well, we'll see won't we. Damn, I can't wait. Even so, I'm nervous. And I think you'll be expecting A BRAND NEW NERDY KHADIJAH. Well, what do you expect anyway? But well, if I do turn out into a nerd, I'll be happy. It's one of my resolutions anyway. And I forgot to type it in. Lol.

Ah, and I pray that I can go to New Zealand after PMR next year. OKAY. Not to stay there permanently but to see how the schools in New Zealand are like. Oh well....I'd love a change of weather. It gets quite boring after staying in a continental country for 14 years. But it'll be cold in New Zealand and my sinus will act up on me and that is the absolute downer of living in a four seasoned country. I guess I should just stay in Malaysia until I fix my sinus or something. Teehee.

Okay....what else. I want a trutle! Haha. Yeah! I don't know why I'm excited over getting a turtle. Oh well. No matter. I actually asked mum if I could adopt a cat from SPCA but mum said no because Ibraheem has got his asthma problems and mum went on and on that I won't change the litter and what not. So, I asked for a turtle instead. I hope dad'll get me one before school starts. Teeheee. God-knows why I want one before school starts. Haha.

Oh, well. I guess I'll go now. I want to start reading Pride & Prejudice anyway. Haha.

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