January 1, 2009



Oh well. I got back from Langkawi last night around 12, so well. I celebrated New Years on the plane, looking out the window and seeing nothing at all, having dhiorrea (however that's spelled) and with a tiny little Chinese boy kicking the back of my seat. How awesome was that? NOT. Haha. Anyway, its the 1st of January today. Another fresh new start for me, et pour tout le monde (for everyone).

So, of course, I have resolutions at what not which I am tempted to share. Yeah, I'm lacking inspiration here people. And this computer's mouse is dumb so I can only be bothered to blog and not do anything else. Heh. Anyway, les resolutions pour 2009:
    1. 8As for PMR.
    Yeah, everyone wants that. Who doesn't?
    2. Get myself thin.
    Which I have failed to do last year. Even so, I made it for a few months until I ate a hot dog and I thought I won't eat another one. Turns out I ate more and more of hot dogs after that. Yep, one hot dog and I never turned back *aksi angkat kening* Haha.
    3. More artsy fartsy stuff from me.
    Sketches, drawings, poems, short stories, articles, proses and whatever heck you know I can do. Or whatever. Haha.
    4. Piano classes.
    GOD! I need one. I'm still stuck on grade 3! Shizz me head off. Whatever that means. And my piano playing sucks terribly. Ask my parents. Gah.
    5. Speak plus de Francaise.
    So, fair warning. I might go on rambling like shizz in French next year. I've already started loads of rambling today, so, consider yourselves warned.
    6. Make up my mind on what I want to be.
    I'm still choosing between taking up law or a medicine. Law because: a) I can take over dad's firm b) I'll be boss (HAHA). Medicine because: a) I love Science, like, A LOT b) Uhh, I don't know? But well. I'm sure I'll know what I want to be.
    7. Get comissioned for taking pictures.
    But well, I don't think I'll go with this one. I somehow can't make myself take photos of what people want. Especially when I am not in the mood. Or maybe when I am pressed.
    8. Read more books.
    Well, I already have two shelves in my room and both of which are filled up. So....well. I wouldn't know where to put the books which I'm planning to read this year. I think I need my own mini-library. Dad, can I get one? (HAHA)
    9. Play more classical pieces on the piano.
    Yeah! Dad expects me to do this. Gosh......but that said, I need a piano teacher first. Help?
    10. Fulfill all of the above.

Hmm.....Yeah. Thats about it I guess. Shizz. I think I'm going to go play some song on Gerard. Je ne sais pas. Bof.

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Anonymous said...

It's "diarrhea."

And good luck on your resolutions. I haven't bothered this year (or last year, or the year before that, etcetc).