March 1, 2009

Charity Bazaar, GE Mall

Intricately pretty
Guess who?

Yeah! I met up with Rozreen again! Haha. How cool. I met up with her last week, only I didn't have the chance to post up the pictures because the wireless connection was so so dumb. So, Rozreen decided to go black and white and one thing led to another and I started taking most of the pictures in black and white. Somehow, I love the turn out. I guess its the lighting of Great Eastern Mall. But God knows. Maybe He's miraculously returned my eye for photography which I really need back because my pictures have been feeling a bit dry (?).

Hmmm. So yeah. Right. Next Monday Rozreen and her family are dropping by for lunch seeing as it's Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) birthday, is it? Haha. And also, Aunt Shida, mum's new bestie, who's daughter has the same name as mine. I can't wait! Haha. I bet we're going to have a real awesome time. We haven't done this for about five years after Roz moved out to Subang.

Right, I guess thats it for today. My brain has gone dry. Okaaaaaaay, hiatus people.


Hariry Ariffin said...

good photos, especially the first one.

Khadijah said...


Gosh, thank you :D