March 28, 2009


Earth Hour.
You don't need celebrities telling you to switch off your lights for a mere one hour because you know you have to do it.

So well, I'm freaking excited for tonight! I've been looking forward to it since last week. I've been bugging mum today, telling her that I'm going to switch of the lights and she was all like, "Yes Khadijah. I won't be baking anymore cupcakes today". Haha. Yeah. And...I think, I'll be doing some live picture updates on whats going on in my house. I really hope that the whole of my neighbourhood will be switching off their lights. Damn, I'm excited!

Well, my aunt came over this morning to sign some papers for my dad and later we played Scrabble along with my cousin. God, it was funny. Every time either I or my aunt figured out a word, we'd be laughing hysterically. I was like, "O-kaaaaay. I never knew doctors had crazy Dr. Frankenstine-ish laughs" and my cousin nodded and grinned, "Yeah, they do". My family is just awesome lah. Haha.

And am planning to go to National Library tomorrow morning with Aiman. Don't know what I'm going to do for our History folio yet. Might either do the Sultan Abdul Samad building or the KTM one. But I think the KTM seems much more cooler? Haha. Depends.

Right, I'm smiling my head off. Long time no talk Zara. I've missed yer!♥

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