March 1, 2009


Lencana Maju, I WANT YOU!
Damn, I don't know when I'm going to finish my Lencana Usaha log book which should've been finished last year. I think I need to go to One Stop and get the Pengakap Muda hand book thing. I want to finish my log book by Kem Keahlian.

Oh, and....there's a Pengakap class today. Boo. I can't go ;( Sorry Syafiq.
(Random talk, please ignore)


ameerazman said...

hey! i found ur blog! and read bout the lencana maju thingy.

haaa! buat cepat buku log. u all sure sempat buat king scout. nanti bila jadi senior make sure u dah ada semua lencana. and lead the others. ok?

Khadijah said...


Ah, yes sir! :D