March 4, 2009

stereoscopic, are yah

    "Shouting, screaming, and cursing; almost like a nightly ritual in our house. Little did I know, they-being my parents-were planning on getting a divorce. Five years passed, I’m 17 and I still haven’t known the cause of the divorce. I never wished to find out. I kept my desire hidden deep at the deepest, darkest bottom of my heart. Somehow, mum knew what I wanted to know because three days after the clock stroked 12 am on my 18th birthday, my mum sat me down and told me everything."

I thought watching The Holiday might give me an idea to write a short story. Turns out, it didn't. I sat on our tattered red, Ikea sofa and yet nothing came to me except for that paragraph above. I'm writing because I want to join The MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story Prize 2009. But no matter what, my writing seems to lack something. I don't know what. Good God.

Okay. Thats all I have to say. I think that because of my headache, I can't think. Maybe tomorrow. Right. I also need to persuade mum to let me go to the camp in Penang. I want want want! Grrssssssss. Okay, back to hiatus.

    "I can't figure out the Mathematics of this. I just know that I love you"


iamamongyouandyoucannotseeme said...

Hi Khadijah,
i love your blog!

shira said...

I have an assignment for you :| Judging by your amazing photography skills I have secretly (well not so secretly) chosen you for a dangerous mission. I know you can do this. Your ability to take photos like a pro paparazzi has caught my attention like a bee buzzing around the honey section at Tesco. Please say you'll help me! XD

Anonymous said...

there will come a moment when it just comes to you, and you will be filled with an inexplicable drive to write, and you will be able to write, and once you have done so, you will look and read what you have written and go:

'damn, this ain't bad, this ain't bad at all.'

...or something like that.

Khadijah said...


Sure! Whats up babe? :D


Hmmm. Yeah, I know. Too bad those kind of moments don't come to me that often. I guess I'm lacking some spice? I don't know.