March 11, 2009

je suis content?

I'm your new main speaker baby Yeyuh, I am! :D

I made it! I can't believe I actually made it onto the debate team! I honestly thought that I didn't have the chance because I, as the third speaker of the government, didn't properly rebut the opposition's points and I, somehow, became speechless. I felt like I was going to die. But, by some chance, I was chosen and I'm the youngest. Yes, I am the youngest out of the five. They're all form fives and I'm the only form three. Lucky I know Ju Yi or else I'd be completely lost. I think Puan Suriyati saw my worried look and she just smiled and said, "Don't worry Khadijah. They're here to guide you" and what-nots. Haaaaaaaa. I don't care, I'm still scared.

And today Farah held the auditions for Romeo and Juliet. Yes, Romeo and Juliet. This is for a competition sometime in April. I thought of joining but with debate, I don't think I can keep up. No matter, on to the story. Well, I helped Farah in auditioning. Today I was Capulet and also Romeo. AND somehow when Alya was auditioning for the Nurse's role and I had to be Romeo, I actually nearly cried. Don't know how that happened, but it did. Hah, impressive ain't I? And I think Alya said that I'd make a good actress and that I should join the play. But, no thank you. I'm going to be busy with debate.

Oh God, I'm going to be so busy. Exam is on the 7th of April, debate is about three or four weeks after the school holidays and I'm thinking of helping out with the play; painting sets and such. And am planning to go to National Library with Aisyah and Syaza to look for materials for the History folio, and I can't forget to research for points on our next debate practice on the Monday right after the school holidays. Damn. Think I might do that on Friday.

Right, I don't want to bore you people. Au revoir.

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