March 25, 2009

crappy afternoon

Ju Yi is hallucinating and I can here Low saying 'Capulet' out loud. What the heck. This is what happens everyday after school. And no, I'm not at a cyber cafe. Just using Mr Cher's laptop in the comfort of the SAL room *sniggers) ain't life great? Well, I'm supposed to be researching some more things to support my debate points with Ju Yi. But, heck, my brain has been shut down. So is Ju Yi's and Lim is not around.

And here, Darrell is complaining about everything in his life. Okay, more like whining. And Puan Hasnawiah's phone just rang.

    Kring kring. Mak, ada orang call!

That's her ring tone man. Lets laugh like idiots!

Okay, I'm out of ideas. Saturated brain and unclear eye sight is just so lame. Wait, why the sudden silence? *looks around* Okay, turns out everyone is on the scene in the ballroom where Romeo sees Juliet.

I'll update.....soon?

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