March 16, 2009

i'm addicted?


All thanks to Mei, I'm addicted to the word 'chicken'. Oh my God. I'm so wierd, aren't I.


Okay, Rozreen's coming over for a sleep over tomorrow and my room is such a mess. Okay, granted, it isn't that messy but because my mum's a total neat-freak and says that its very messy, that means it must be a total eye sore. I don't know. I think I'll wake up early and tidy my table up and what-nots.

And debate practice/meeting on Thursday at KFC. Yeyuh! At least I won't be stuck at home, pacing up and down the stairs thinking of what to do. One bummer though: I've only found one article and its the only one which I understand-the rest are filled with super big words. No matter, I'll read it and make sure the dictionary is with me.

Mhmm. What else. Oh yes. There'll be some changes in me on Monday. Not drastic ones, but yes. Quite a big one.

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