March 28, 2009

and we have arrived on Pluto

Earth Hour 2009 8:54 PM

Yeah, I did participate in Earth Hour. The whole top storey bit of our house was in darkness and only the kitchen was alighted because mum and dad were baking but heck, I did it! Haha. 1 whole hour chatting with Mei, Aliyah, Ellya and Izzat while doing random surveys on MySpace and Twittering a sort-of countdown actually made time fly faster.

Alright, enough of typing. My mouth has started watering. Off to the kitchen for toast!

1 comment:

Dad of 4+1 said...

You should do your bit every day and not just an hour a year! Like this morning your study lamp was turned on even in broad daylight! So what's the point! ; )

p/s soiled clothes in basket please....(mwahahaha!!!)