February 20, 2009

triple whooperoo

This week has been tiring. Being occupied with reference books and short notes is no fun at all. And besides that, worrying so badly about the JPWP papers being hard was so not worth my time because it turns out the papers were quite easy. I think I might bash my head somewhere if I get a C for any of my papers. Or maybe, I should transfer to another class? THAT sounds better. Good God. I don't even know what I'm doing in 3 Azam. Sigh.

Alright, so. Quelle suprise. I got my first A for Sejarah. Haha. Imagine me "Whoop"-ing like mad when Cikgu Ramlee gave my OMR sheet. Boy was I happy and it really made my day. So now I'll just have to find a way to maintain my score all the way to PMR and land myself a place in MRSM (evil laugh). Speaking of MRSM. Amirul is no longer in Section 5! ;(
Darn. Seems as though Pengakap is starting to lose all the fun people. Gosh. This is no fun at all.

Speaking of Pengakap, apparently the Kem Keahlian is next month on the 13th. Whoppeeeee! I honestly can't wait. I don't know why I'm even going because I already have the Keahlian badge. Might just go for fun? Haha. I miss camping. I truly do! And on Sunday, I might go meet Rozreen. Tripple whoppee! I've missed her a lot and I have loads to tell her. If dad doesn't let me meet her, I honestly am going to throw a tantrum. Yeah, I am (evil laugh).

Okay, I feel like eating. Haha.


ashekeen azman said...

ouh,sedihnya nanti dorang dah x de..

aku x bleh bayangkan betapa amannya dunia tanpa mereka..

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