February 22, 2009

should i, should i not?

YES! Apparently they do have SATs here over at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE). Yeah, I was supposed to look for it last year but I kept procrastinating and then I forgot. Well, typical of Khadijah ain't it. Anyway, dad did suggest for me to take SATs for I-don't-know-what reason. And I read the guide for SATs and I think the Mathematical Reasoning (a.k.a Math) questions are okay? Haha. I don't know. What do you think of this question:
    How many egg cartons are needed to hold 300 eggs, if each carton can hold one dozen (1 dozen = 12)

    A. 15
    B. 18
    C. 22
    D. 25
    E. 28

    (the answer is D!)

That's a ratio question ain't it? Well, all I knew was that I was laughing my head off when I saw the question. Yeah, I did. I was like, "OMG. Gila senang. Give me another one ler dude!" So, well.....Should I sign up for it?

But I haven't finished reading the rest of the guide so I don't know how the other questions are going to look like. Haha. Yeah, well, I love Maths a lot you know.


Anonymous said...

tak salah cubaaaa apa. lgipun yr dad suruh mesti ada sebab & advantage dia kan. go for it djah! ;D

XoXoGossipBoy said...

cubaa la....no harm trying...ntg to lose

Khadijah said...

Fna + Gossipboy

Awww. Thanks guys! :D

Shamimi Rosni said...

Go for it! Mcm best jee. Hahahha. :D