February 25, 2009



You better make sure you pass you're driver's test so that you can kidnap me to your house and then we can jump up and down like a pair of nutcases. Haha. Yeah bebeh. You're 17. I'm so sorry I didn't text you or call you. Dad said he needed his phone back, and I didn't argue because I can't be bothered. The only sole purpose of that phone was an alarm clock for me anyway. Haha.

ANYWAYS. Zara, good luck in life and I truly hope you'll be happy until the end of your days. I don't like it when you're down. Its as though the sun is in a permanent eclipse. If that makes any sense. Haha. But well, Zara. I know you can get straight As for SPM, even my dad says so. Well, not exactly that but he did say you're one clever pot! Haha :D Happy birthday yet again. I envy you for turning 17 so fast. I want to be 17 too and be able to hang out whenever I want (evil laugh)

By the way babe, I miss youuuuuu.

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