February 14, 2009


Khadijah is BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Haha. Well, I'm only back online for a few days and then I shall remain in my hiatus mode until exams are over, which is on Thursday. But if Syafiq decides to push the date of the Kem Keahlian to the 20th, then I shall be on hiatus for a week or so which is good because I can't wait to go camping again! I've missed camping so much that I keep thinking of camping everyday. But what I miss most about camping is hanging out with them scouts. Booooooo. Syafiq, buat lah kem cepat sikit!

Oh, and as some of you know from reading TTJ, Bestarithon was held earlier on today. It was......I don't know. Haha. Awesome I guess? Mei was there and she helped me pluck off all the thorns from the roses. Thank you Mei! Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you just now :(
What else, what else.....Oh yes! Faris gave me a rose. Thank you lah dude. Still can't believe that we're such good friends now eventhough you used to tease me a lot.

Yeeaaaahhhh. Also, I met Paan when I went to pick Yusof up with mum at Adni. I saw him in the rearview mirror, and I think he saw me too. I waved like mad and he, typically, did this face :P Haha. Dude. I miss you and your crappy jokes.

Okay. I'm talking too much. No matter. Last bit of news: Mr. Cher has asked me to try out for debate. I am happy, and worried because Mr. Cher says that we must be very eloquent and I don't know if I'm one who's like that. No matter, I am going to try out and make dad cry. Haha. Well, dad was on the SDAR debate team back in the day and he also made a first impression on mum when he was debating. Know what mum's impression was? She said that dad is "berlagak". Haha. And look where they are now: happily married with five children and coming to six.

Yeah. My mum's pregnant, again.


Farah Rosni said...

man, you're gonna have a sister/brother soooon.

Anonymous said...

pergh pregnant lagi?

Khadijah said...


She says its a boy. Haha.

Ultimate Machine,

Ho yeah baby. HAHAHAHA. KAN!

ashekeen azman said...

wow,bestnya ade adik lagi..

BTW,i'm also missed camping and scout!!