February 27, 2009

calorie-eating machine

Pepperidge Farm cookies + Code Greass: Lelouch of the Rebellion = LOVE.
Haha, yeah. After one long week of homework, I've decided to end it with some extra calories and Code Greass which Ayesha lent me on Thursday. Thanks love (winks)

So, I heard that our svian under 18 gals won 13-10. See Syaza. Berkat I tulis blog post tu tau! Haha. Nahhh. Maybe it's not just that. You guys are such awesome players lah, that's why you won! Ho ho. Anyway, good luck tomorrow for your next game and on Tuesday too!

And I placed a 14/15 for my oral presentation. I guess the nerves just kicked in during the presentation and thank you Ayesha for helping me practise my lines. I love you! Haha.


Farah Wahida said...

you freaked me out, you know.
re-reading your lines, freak :P

Khadijah said...


Haha. YES. I am a freak :D