February 25, 2009

autres choses

I promised Syaza I'd do this post yesterday, but well, its never too late isn't it?

Good luck to the svian basketball team! :D

I truly hope you guys win because I know you guys have been training until you're all dark. Exception for Syaza who doesn't seem to be dark at all. Haha. But anyway, under 18 gals, GOOD FRIGGING LUCK LER DUDETTES! Bring back the gold for us so that Pn Sa'amah will smile so widely she can smile no more. Haha. Joke joke.

Okay. Hiatus awaits. Khadijah is due to return on the 27th of February. Don't wait for me (evil laugh). Oh yes, I've nearly forgot. I think I've written a poem? Haha. I don't know. I'll post in when I can. Right now I want to continue reading more of Brick Lane.

And Mei, you should know that Slumdog Millionaire was based on the book written by Vikas Swarup, Q&A. Want to borrow it? (kening kening)

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