February 2, 2009

last say for the day

Maintenant, je sais de mon position dans votre vie. Merci pour fait'il plus clair. Sigh. Sometimes, I wish I could just tell you that. Guess that some things are better left unsaid aren't they now? Right. Since this is going to be my last say here until only about Friday, I guess I have to welcome an old friend back into my life.
    Hello hiatus. Comment ça va?
Damn, how I love speaking in French now. Haha. Sometimes it amazes me that I can say endless things like shooting with a machine gun. Aussi, papa était convaincre qu'il y a de Française pour PMR. Oui. Haha. But I won't mind taking French for PMR. Apparently the SPM paper is A1 standard and that is freaking easy. Wonder what standard will it be if there is a French paper for PMR. Teeheee. I'm grinning like mad now :D

Damn I don't feel like sleeping yet, but well. Il y a dejà dix heures. Je voudrais dormir. Good night readers. See you guys in a few days time.


ashekeen azman said...

ssh tuh nak blaja ckp france..
good 4 you,for learning france,sng la nanti klau nk gi sne..

Khadijah said...


Haaa, takde lah susah mana.
Oh yeah. Betul tu :D

Aisyah Munirah said...

ca va bien et comme ci comme sa :D