February 28, 2009

move your hips, do your thang!

I jogged/walked 4km in 1 and a half hours :D Damn bangga lah.

And, damn, it felt good. Really! I actually enjoyed jogging throughout the routes. What with Keke Palmer's Bottoms Up blasting through my earphones. Okay, technically it wasn't my earphones, it was Kar Vin's. Thanks ler dude for lending me them! But heck yeah, too bad I didn't cut Ju Ann when we reached the 5th checkpoint or else I would've placed. But I was just so damn tired that I only ran when I was near the school entrance and I didn't even place. Neh. No matter. I'll try again next year! :D

I actually planned to run with Huda and the gang but at the starting line, I was with Feeqa, and somehow I got seperated from her. I guess my mind was set on reaching school by 9:30am until I actually left them behind. But I guess that if I ran with them, I would've been slowed down. So well, overall, I'm just freaking happy I made it and when I reached school, I don't think that there were many of the kelas dua. Only about a few 20++ people

Oh! And I changed into flip flops after I ran and, unnoticeable, both of my feet became cramped and super swollen to an extent that I was literally limping. Because I couldn't stand it, I asked Huda and Najaa to accompany me to the Public Service first-aid thing and the kakak there rubbed some muscle reliever thing on my feet and then placed a packet of ice on them for about 15 minutes. There was this pak cik who said, "Ah, tu kena potong kaki tu!" And I was like O..O Huda, Najaa, Aliyah and the rest were just laughing their heads off. I guess the pak cik was trying to make me less tense.

So, now my feet are back to normal. Though they ache only just a little bit. Mmm, I feel like jogging tomorrow morning after dawn prayers because I really need to boost up my stamina level. Right. Off to watch Code Geass. Lelouch! I love youuuu! Haha.
And lesson of the day : Do not immediately open your shoes after running. Baka ne ._.

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