February 7, 2009

i wish for red wellies

I've only just watched it three days ago. Yes, you do have my permission to say that I hereby am lame. No matter. I don't care. Ha ha. But overall, I think the music on HSM3 is way better than the other HSMs. So, (if I may do so) I am going to head down to MPH at Great Eastern Mall and grab myself a copy of the music book. Well, I actually want to learn how to play two of the songs, but well, I can't find a free copy online so, yeah.

And I need a new notebook. The one which I bought at AFG@The Annexe the other day is nearly finished. I've written most of my notes in there, including my French notes. So when I open it up at school, I can revise some of my French. How practical is that. And because it has no lines, I've drawn some pictures in it as well. Only, I just can't be bothered to lift the heavy flatbed scanner into my room. Heh. No matter. Maybe one of these days.

Okay. What else. Oh. I have to write a 250-word essay on politics and what not. Heh. And guess what. We talked about Napoleon! And I wasn't listening. I guess I was just sleepy, and anyway, we talked about Napoleon for nearly half-an-hour. How brutal is that. All I know is that Napoleon got rid of slavery and also made divorcing valid or something. Yeah. And he also has two wives. Forgot their names though.

Alright. Off to bed I go. I just needed to ramble for a while.

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