February 2, 2009

shut-eye for good?

Quel supris when dad got back from picking up the boys with this cute fella. Haha. Turns out I won't get that pig-nose/snout turtle after all. But, one thing. This little fella somehow hasn't open its eyes at all since it arrived from the shop. I'm quite worried (Oh God, I sound like a mum!). Told dad, he said it might be sleeping. Yeah, right. It walks around with shut-eyes huh. But well. What to do. Hmmm.

And school. Sigh. Starts in 11 hours time or so. Damn. I'm actually not looking forward to it. Don't know why. And there's art tomorrow. Double sigh. I somehow have fallen out of love with arts because I've only just realised that my drawings are ugly. Yeah. And I haven't drawn anything for quite a while which is, like, whoa. I spend most of my time now with Gerard. Am trying to play Hans Zimmer's Cry. Ho ho. I love that piece :D

Okay....what else. Hmmm. Nada. Haha.

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Hariry Ariffin said...

My roommate ade red ear slider dan mata dia tak bukak for few weeks. that turtle maybe ada infection dekat mata. Try check.

Try jemur dia for few minutes.