September 27, 2008

long lost and found

After nearly a year of not-contacting, I finally get to talk to Bazz. How I knew Bazz you ask? Haha. Through a conversation between Zara, Bazz and I last year. Coincidentally, it was also during this time of the year. Eh, no. It was after Raya, if I'm not mistaken. But yeah, about this time of the year.

I haven't talked to him for nearly a year now ever since he finished his SPM and he's now in college, grhhh. He suddenly buzzed me on msn just now. I was, like: Zomga! Its Bazz! So yeah. Darn, I missed him. Oyes, he looks a bit like Nickasaur! and wears braces. He's also supremely tall and stick thin. He also denies being, how to put it, appealing. Haha. Okay, enough said. Anyway Bazz, if you're reading this : I MISS YOU!

I know Zara, unbelievable of him to suddenly msn me :D

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