September 24, 2008


This book is by far the best in the Inheritance Cycle and take it from me, you won't ever regret reading this book. It was so gripping I couldn't stop reading it, but saying so, I finished it in three days even though I couldn't stop reading it. But I guess three days for a 748 paged book is quite fast.

I don't know if any of you have read this. Maybe you've watched the movie but nothing beats the original story. But then again, I won't give out any crucial information in case you decided to read the Inheritance Cycle. But this one is quite moving. I cried reading two parts in this book. And here's a big clue from Blagden (from Eldest) to one of the parts which I cried at:

    While two may share two,
    And one of two is certainly one,
    One might be two.
Might not be much. But if really, its a major clue. Not so understandable now, but once you've read Brisingr, you'll sure get it. Gaaaah. And I love the part where you actually understand what Blagden is trying to say. Oyes, Blagden is (if I'm not mistaken) Queen Islanzadí's raven. Ah, I'm starting to geek over Brisingr. I should stop.

Aghhh, I can't wait for the fourth book to come out. Drat. It'll be quite a while until the last one comes out. No matter, I've signed up for the newsletter so I'll be updated. But at times I can't be bothered to read it anyway. I just scroll through it. Lol.

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