September 15, 2008

je suis triste

Je suis trés triste parce que:
I can't believe I lost my old blog, and I loved it so much because from there I saw how much of me was changing. Now, I have to start fresh and I'm actually lazy to do so. And all my old memories, my old thoughts. Gone. Perished.

It all happened just because I reverted from the new template to the old template to make a few changes to my blog. And then when I tried to revert from the old template to the new one, I just couldn't. Damn. I guess that's what happened to Syaziqer's as well. I really do hope that the creator/moderator/etc of Blogger will fix it.

I think I'll be mourning a lot for the next couple of days. But then again, life goes on kan. So yeah. Anyway, the Akustreka sale is still on just so you know.

Interested? Drop a comment, or leave a message in the box. Oui?


Farah Rosni said...

mau tgk design dulu.

Khadijah said...

Farah Rosni : Ahh, oyeah. Lupa. Nanti i'll post em up.