September 26, 2008

cinque jours

Raya, 5 days away *sighs*. And it felt as though it was only yesterday that we started fasting. Honestly, I'm sad that Ramadhan is passing by quickly. During the last 10 nights of Ramadhan, supposedly one of them is Lailatul Qadar. Despite me being determined to get this particular night I can't seem to drag myself off the bed to perform some prayers eventhough the phone alarm rings in my ear like crazy. Ah, I guess I'll try again next year.

Speaking of Raya, I'm in the midst of making a Raya card which I plan to send later. Maybe just via email. But yeah, I'll be sending it. The card is a bit plain, seeing as I'm fresh out of ideas now. Hmmm....I guess ideas will come along in, a few days. I hope. And I have three drafted poems which I mean to post before Raya. Maybe one of these days.

Oyes, I owe my so-called Pakistani brother, Aiman, a McDs apple pie. At least I have money *grins*. Maybe I'll treat him after the Finals. Ahaaa, by that time I'll already have duit raya. So, yeay me! And Kamal keeps asking when am I going to start learning guitar (nak jamming katanya). Darn, I want to! Ugh, and just now I heard my neighbour play guitar again. Envy envy. Dahlah bilik sebelah je. Grrhhh.

One more thing. Any idea where I can get expired film around Ampang? I want to try them out with my Minolta this Raya. Shizzbang, I need to remind me grandpa to search for the tripod. Ah, I'm too lazy to do so.

I also had a really long talk with me darl Esah. I've only realized how long it was since I had a girl-to-girl talk. I'm glad I had one. Thank you ma cherie. Infinity of hearts for you my dear <3

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