September 18, 2008

je suis triste

You can probabbly say that I'm currently in dismal. For what you ask? Here are several reasons:
  1. I can hear my neighbour, who just got back from Singapore and also used to be my playmate back in the days when I first moved to Ampang, play guitar. I am so jealous right now. Super jealous.
  2. I've gotten bored of the tracks in my mp3. Any new tracks up for recommendation? Grhh
  3. I have gotten a bit fatter. Darn, I have to start working out, again. Or else I won't get to fit in my jeans. My clothes are okay though.
  4. My piano-playing is getting rusty. As well as my flute. Yes, I play flute. And my flute needs to be serviced. As well as the piano because Ibraheem and Umar had this brilliant idea to stand on the piano's keyboard and start stomping around on it. So the B key can't be played. Anyway, it needs to be tuned.
  5. Yuna's EP launch at KLpac, 12th October! I want to go. Jom Syaziqer.
  6. I want the box set of Grey's Anatomy. Which I'm supposed to borrow from Abang Shaz. Ohyes, he still owes me a couple of pictures and a present. Wooot.
  7. I don't remember my French grammar. Ah, mon dieu!

That's a long list. I know. Dismal, dejected, depressed, triste, morbid, distressed and everything else which has got to do with sadness.

And I want soft-serve ice cream. Darn it

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