September 15, 2008

j'ai d'insomnie

I can't sleep, and its already 2:22 am. Mum's going to slay my head off if I don't wake up for sahur later. I guess I wont sleep. Maybe I'll read Sophie Kinsella's Shoppaholic & Sister or perhaps Roddy Doyle's The Barrytown Trilogy to occupy my time afterwards. Oh yeah, Isyak prayer. Lupa -.-"

Speaking of The Barrytown Trilogy, despite it being a very easy book to read, I'm taking a bit too long to finish it. I'm already at the third book of the trilogy, The Van, and yet I can't get as close as halfway through it eventhough its been, what, three weeks of reading it? Damn, I wonder why. But its a good book though.

And as soon as I'm finished with The Van, I'll start on Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Lucky for me, dad has the book. So, yeaaaay! I can occupy my time with it while waiting for raya. Ahh, I just love dad's selection of books. Oh, that reminds me, I want to get Peter Mayle's A Good Year.

Dad said he has it. But it is "somewhere", which basically means: it is lost. I've watched the dvd though. Its quite good, and there were a few French songs which were quite good. Especially Richard Anthony's Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini. But I can't watch it anymore because the dvd is with dad's friend. Grhhh, how frustrating.
Ah, I think I'm starting to lean more towards fiction now albeit the fact that I still read a few fantasy novels. And of course, chick lits. Yeah, en conclusion, I am wierd. D'accord. Bon nuit.

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