September 18, 2008


Twilight is coming out November 21st, and its a to-die-for. Darn, I can't wait to watch it. I'm currently rereading Breaking Dawn because-oubviously-I have nothing better to do. And yeah, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the rest of the saga. Once you read it, you can't put it down. Trust me. Its like reading Harry Potter minus the wands, cauldrons, spells etc.

Okay, so Robert Pattison looks okay in the movie. But his skin is much too white. Whiter than what I imagined. But he really suits Edward well, and yeah. He's cute. Aghhhh, I can't wait! I wish I had the cable to my phone so that I can upload this picture into it so that I can covet all day. Oyes, and Jacob has shoulder-length hair. Not at all what I imagined. I pictured him to have, like, messy hair. Grhh. No matter, he is MINE. M-I-N-E. Zara, you can have your Chuck Bass :D

And I asked dad if I could go to Yuna's EP launch on the 12th of October. He said, he doesn't know the plans for that particular Sunday so we'll just have to wait and see. At least its better than a 'no'. Oh, and Syaziqer invited me to her open house! Dang, I want to go. I miss her terribly. Asma as well. Grhhhh.

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