September 24, 2008

je n'ai pas triste

Quelle suprise when I found my name on the wall of the toilet on our level.

At the time, I was accompanying Aliyah to the toilet because she forgot to tie her hair up during the previous visit to the toilet. While I was waiting for her, I faced the wall opposite the mirror and saw two names on the wall: one was..well, Iqbal's (and he guessed it was someone from our class who wrote it). The second one was, surprisingly, mine. Apparently, its been there for nearly a week. It wrote:

KAT 2J bajet hot

Lame, I knoow. And did I burst into tears? No. I was laughing my head off. Yes, I was. Haha. Just because I'm sensitive doesn't mean I burst into tears when I read or hear someone talking behind my back. I mean, come on lah weh. You write something that isn't true about me and you expect me to cry my eyes off? Hah, I'm not giving you that satisfaction.

Aliyah was surprised that I wasn't at all mad at whoever who wrote my name on the wall. Actually, deep down at the bottom of my heart, I was. But well, its not worth getting mad at anyway. Its just a little glitch. Not even close to little. Microscopic would be more suitable. Yes, microscopic glitch.

I told Iqbal about it when we got back from the toilet and he did have his suspicions. I didn't jump to conclusions though. I didn't dare say anything, because it could've been anyone. So yeah. If that someone who wrote that about me is someone I know, I might not forgive her even if she cajoles until the day she dies. Honestly speaking, these kind of people are not worth knowing and acknowledging.

Wanted to tell Esah about it, but I forgot to. Sorry :(

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