September 28, 2008

être satisfaire

Ah, yes. I'm very satisifed today. Not very, ultimately. Yes, ultimately satisifed.
  1. Brand new, ultra-sparkling TRIPOD! Yeyuuh. Thanks dad <3
  2. My room isn't so much in a mess anymore.
  3. Oyes, a new compact camera as well. Though I can't actually use it.
  4. Raya is two days away! *grin*
  5. I have Twilight, which I'm going to read on the way to Muar.

Other than that, I haven't got much to say. I'm running out of words very fast. And I need my Clarinase. My nose was suddenly filled with a ton of mucus earlier this evening, and since than I've been sneezing my head off. Baka baka.

Oh, the Ouran High School Host Club marathon is over. After, what, 12 hours or so its finally over. I must say, it was quite good. But even so I'm sad that its over and I wished that they could've shown who Haruhi ended up with. Oubviously it would've been Tamaki. But who knows?

Now that Ouran High School is over, I'm going to start watching Pretear. I had the whole box set once but (of course) my younger brothers just had to leave them lying all over the place. Now they're all gone, some of them are scratched. Ah, at least there's still YouTube. Even so, YouTube will eventually delete them *sigh*

Ahmmm, I can hear Victor playing the guitar. He plays it, like, every night. And each time he plays guitar, I grow with envy. Ha, I can't wait to get my own guitar and learn to play like him. Well, so far I've only heard him strumming and plucking. I haven't heard him play any songs yet. Hmm, maybe not just yet.

Can I also have my own Hikaru? *puppy eyes*

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