September 22, 2008


Iqbal, Malik, Izzat and the gang have the pre-Raya madness going on. Singing Raya songs at the top of their lungs, using melodies from other songs and replacing the lyrics, going on and on about duit raya. That sort of thing. Hello, wake up. Raya is still a week to go. Don't get too excited. Haha, as if I'm not. Well, I am. But not excited to an extent where all I talk about is Raya.

But Raya has got me worried: worried that I'll put on weight. Pathetic innit. But get this, an open house is equal to 1500-1600 cals or so. Imagine if you have to visit 3 open houses in a day, multiply that with..say, 1500 cals. Nuts. I know. It will take, like, 3 months of working out. I'm not going through that. Haha.


Aliyah and I are hooked onto Nickasaur!. Well, she was actually and then I joined the party. It all started when I was talking about NeverShoutNever! with her at school earlier today and she said, "Oh, do you know that Nickasaur! is a friend of NeverShoutNever!" and I was like, "Awesomeeee". And we went on and on about them for a good 10 minutes, I'd say. In the end I said, "English indie kan is better than Malay indie" and I do not regret saying so because it is the truth. Face it people.

And I must say, Nick is quite hot. Haha, I know. I tend to go on and on about guys a lot. Well, what can I do. I am just a teenage girl.

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