September 21, 2008

ayeee cap'n

Nothing much happened yesterday because I spent the whole afternoon sleeping on dad's new couch. He's going to kill me for it because no one is allowed to sleep on it. Anyway, dad bought me Brisingr and although it's not the hardcover version, I am truly satisified because I've been waiting excitedly for this book to come out and now I have it! Dad said there were only two left when he went to Borders that afternoon of the release. Awesome. Haha.

So now I'm just waiting for the 4th book. Darn.


Out of boredom, I made a Tumblr account. Yes, I made yet another blog. I made it because lately, I'v been posting a lot, and most of it is not really worth putting it here. In other words: crap. So yeah, hello Basically my junks of the day put into a pretty blog.

And I have NeverShoutNever!'s EP. Oh, yes I do baby and now I'm so proud. Yeah I know, kecoh. But I can't help it now can I?

NeverShoutNever! - Smelyalata

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