October 10, 2009

two-eyed cardi

Something weird happened today. I don't know if it's weird or awkward. Don't they both have the same meaning? Okay. Khadijah's at it again. But whatever it is, it happened as I was drinking a mango passion fruit slushie from Starbucks at Borders, while browsing for books. Oh well. Weird-awkward things happen now and then don't they? Wait....do they? Haha.

And there was a Yusof Gajah thing at Borders when I went. Only thing was that I arrived when they finished up and the only people left were some photographers and an event organizer or something? Yeah. Bad luck. Other than that, I got myself a black journal to write in all my quotes-not that I don't have one already-and The Time Traveller's Wife :D

One sentence:
distractions to not get stoked when PMR ends

Okay. I am hoping to get art supplies. My brain is slowly oozing big ideas for a collection I might do after PMR and, hopefully, sell them. Amin. That said, mum owes me a watch and dad owes me a laptop. But I want an iPod instead ah dad. Creative people need lots of space. Comme moi. Okay. Self-love oozing out of my fingers now. Please, make it stop already.


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