October 10, 2009

wishlist 06

BG 5601

BG 5600

BG 2000

Thanks to Syaza, I'm addicted to watches. Since I saw an advert of it in a past-issue of Nylon I bought, I immediately opened the website and drooled. And these three caught my eye. Actually, there was a fluorescent yellow and pink which I wanted too but it'll be ugly against my dark skin.

So....anybody care to buy me one? :D


Aisyah H said...

I've got the one yg bawah sekali in gold and white. Tapi the black one looks cooler :-0

Khadijah said...

OH! Then I should get that one and we could...uh...unidentical-twin nanti xD Like that word ever exist ey? Haha.

▲ISY▲H said...

HAHAHA YEAAAAAAAHZ! But y'know what, my watch is becoming.. brown. Lol.

Khadijah said...

SERIOUSLY? Hahahaha. God. HOW?