October 26, 2009

something something 01

This would be one of my-kononnya-many distractions before PMR results come out. Yeah. I just took this book off the shelf from Popular because I didn't feel like reading anymore of Jodi Picoult's or any other books I've been eyeing. I suppose one needs a change of view once in a while, don't they? The description in the back sounds interesting so this could keep me entertained throughout the upcoming long weeks.

Speaking of long weeks, I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. Killer with them people, if we are needed, lending some helping hands for the teachers and hardcore basketball with Aisyah. I am going to lose my weight, I SWEAR. I think over last week, I lost 2kg or so. I was jumping about like a high jumping jellybean in the stor sukan when I went to see Cikgu Syamsurri to get my Scout marks.

Speaking of losing weight, I wore my kebaya earlier today which I last wore during Cempaka's Fame and, JACKPOT, it fit nicely. The other day it was tight around my waist but now it's quite loose so, eat that momma. Okay. Not. Sorry. But well, if I play basketball nearly everyday I guess I could lose some more fat and weight.

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