October 16, 2009


Now, I'm back to my normal life. As if it wasn't normal before this, but yeah, you get the picture. Finally, no more late night studying, no more homework to do, no useless tears because something can't get into my brain and no more everything else which made PMR painful. But it was indeed a very good experience. Especially when you have a bunch of awesomes along the ride with you aye?

So, I've played basketball, helped Faris train for RMC and still have loads of plans. Ervin has plans to go out for a movie on Monday with the whole lot of us and this evening, am headed to Beverly Heights for Raffil's party. Whooooo. After getting invited to his house every single year since 2007, I finally get to go. But need to know whether Aisyah and Chay Fhei are planning to tag along or if they're going with someone else. Oh well. I shall call them in a bit.

Right now, I've been up since 5am and I've finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife-which I will lend to Mei or whoever else who wants it-and I've watched The Proposal and now I've been Tumblring, Twittering and Facebooking since, what, 8am? And I smell like coffee.

Okay. I think I'll find some other things to do now.

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