October 30, 2009

something something 02

And this sort-of is the last sketch of my current sketch book which has now been reduced to tatters. Trust me, it really is tattered. The binding is destroyed and the front cover has come off. It's okay as I get to start in the Monologue which I bought months ago. Granted the paper smells peculiar but the texture and thickness of it is just lush. I thought I'd start today but maybe not. I tried sketching some stuff out but it just didn't work which sucks. Altogether though, I wouldn't want to ruin the first page of a real purdee sketch book now would I?

Either ways. There actually is another sketch after this particular Chanel one but I forgot to take a picture of it. I think I'll post it up tomorrow instead. And anyway, it isn't that nice. It's more of a sketch I did of what I wish I had. One of them is thigh-high boots. Just utter lushness. If only I had the thighs and, not to mention, money to own them.

Ok. What else. Mmmmmm. OH. Yes. If you've read on Aisyah's blog, I will be starting tshirts again. God-knows when but I will. Not this month though. I'm a little dry on cash.


Anonymous said...

this is serious shit lawa gila. :P

Khadijah said...

thank you :D