October 31, 2009

ah, mon dieu

I don't think I ever can stay at home after school. Know what I did yesterday? I two servings of nasi lemak in the morning and two in the afternoon. I napped for about an hour from 1pm and woke up and watched Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Earlier, I watched Valentino: The Last Emperor. Other than that, I did nothing. Fine. Maybe not nothing. I did sketch and that was it. My God.

One thing's for sure: I'll be occupied throughout the whole of next week. Why?
  1. Badminton. I don't know why I signed up. I just got bored.
  2. Netball. Annual thing. Can never, I stress, NEVER, be missed.
  3. Basketball after school. I need to fix my dribbling.
  4. Field trip to Zoo Negara :D
  5. More sketches. And that temporarily postponed canvas.

It is crucial to fulfill everything in said list and I don't care how. It must be done. That's all. And know what? I think I might've gotten slightly slimmer. Maybe. I don't know. See. Berkat kejar orang macam katak masa main basketball. Yes. I, apparently, play like a frog. Haha. I think it's good for my reflexes.

Apparently, I'm the agile one. And also the one who falls all the time. Bak kata Syaza, "Asal pandang belakang sure rasa macam ada orang jatuh" :D
Yeah. Granted, I am clumsy. So what?

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